Peak of Dzogchen mountain ~ Patrul Rinpoche

When the mind moves it is fine, and when the mind is still it is fine. There are no categories and no choices to be made within and for the minds of such practitioners.

Observe this for yourself. When you are meditating, how long can your mind abide? Then, when your mind moves, does that movement disturb you or not?

When your mind moves and you are not disturbed, this means you are a high capability practitioner of the highest caliber.

In other words, when you do not experience the slightest difference between stillness and thought — when it is all the same for you — you are at the peak of the Dzogchen mountain.

~ Patrul Rinpoche

The Nature of Mind
The Dzogchen Instructions of Aro Yeshe Jungne

Patrul Rinpoche

Commentary by Khenchen Palden Sherab and Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal

Snow Lion, Boulder, 2016

Source Geoff Deering

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