Listening to the Dharma

Keeping his firm promise [Buddha],
He has come to the Deer Park at Varanasi.
There he will turn the wheel
That is wondrous, glorious, and unsurpassed.

The Lord practiced for a hundred billion eons. 
If you seek the Dharma that he discovered,
You should come in a hurry
To listen to the Dharma.

Rare is the human condition and the arising of a buddha,
And extremely rare it is that someone develops faith.
It is rare to find freedom from the eight unfortunate states,
So listening to the Dharma is the most important activity.

📖 Excerpt from the Lalita­vistara Sutra (The Play in Full). Available in the fabulous @translate84000 Reading Room.

If you would like to commemorate the first Turning of the Wheel by listening to the Dharma, here is an offering from our Chinese translation team who has turned the audio of Pune’s 2014 Bodhicaryāvatāra into a set of videos. In English with Chinese subtitles.

🔗 (link in bio)

Happy Chökhor DĂŒchen!

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