Human rights abuse are an outrage and have to stop. How can we call ourselves civilised, when we behave worse than animals? The perpetrators of these crimes against humanity are harming themselves, as well as the peoples they torture, for none other than attachment to (self-grasping), erroneous, mere concepts, with no inherent reality of their own. Whilst the truth is, no sentient being wants to suffer. All want happiness.

A culture that preserves and honors the truth should be protected at all costs. Especially in today’s world of escalating greed, materialism and selfish pursuit of one’s own gains, with little regard for the interconnected nature of things, (the precious balances in the world). All counter measures and antidotes need to be brought to the fore, practiced, enhanced and supported. The truly interconnected nature of life on this earth, means the well-being of the entire population of the planet is dependent upon this. The connection between mind and environment, should be known and understood by all of us, considering that we all share the planet, its resources, and none lives, not in interrelationship with many factors. Learning to live in harmony with one another is vital, the earth and its inhabitants are like one body, functioning in dynamic relationship with one another, of various causes and conditions. At the heart of the matter is our shared humanity! As his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama says, ‘we are all born and die the same way. We should strive to do something meaningful, while we are here,’ connected as we are to all living existence, at least not harm it!


May all beings be free from suffering – and its causes!

If you fully understand karma at the deepest level, you will not only have compassion towards all beings who are presently suffering, but you will also have compassion towards all beings who are harming others, and they are creating the causes of their own future suffering.

May all beings be free from suffering – and its causes!

~ Chamtrul Rinpoche

(Posted by Friends who like DJKR/Michael Gregory, Facebook, 14 January 2024)